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Standard with every Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicle:

Know What You Are Getting

The best new cars make the best used cars, so getting a high-quality Toyota at a great price is a very smart move and getting a high-quality Certified Pre-Owned Toyota from Motorama Toyota at a great price is an even smarter move.

Our Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle program is proof of our commitment to constant improvement and sets the benchmark for peace of mind for those in the used car market.

At Motorama Toyota, not only does the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program offer a range of benefits it comes with the backing of Australia's most trusted automotive brand, Toyota.

Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Promise - only the best vehicles are eligible:

  • It will have a full service history
  • It will have undergone an independent CarHistory® background check
  • It may include a statutory warranty, depending on your circumstances[P8][C1]
  • It will have undergone a comprehensive quality inspection by qualified Toyota Technicians[P10]
  • It will offer 1 year of nationwide Toyota Roadside Assist[P9]
  • It will have been reconditioned to Toyota's exacting standards by Toyota technicians[P10]
  • It will have the option of flexible finance and insurance options available[P7] - including Toyota Access, a secured car loan that gives you lower monthly repayments[F9] and the certainty of a Guaranteed Future Value[F2] equal to the final repayment on your Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.

Your Guarantee of Quality

Background Check

All Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are accompanied by a Certified Pre-Owned Car Report ensuring you of everything you need to know about the history of the vehicle you're buying.

We leave nothing to chance - Toyota Certified Pre-Owned CarHistory®

When you drive away in a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle you can be as sure of its past as you are of its future.

All Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles come with a full service history. This helps to ensure the vehicle has been maintained to factory specification. They also have a rigorous CarHistory® check, searching Australia's largest database of consumer and business credit records.

Your CarHistory® check will contain:

  • A PPSR Certificate which is a check for financial encumbrances.
  • A written off vehicle check.
  • A stolen vehicle check.
  • A flood and storm damage check.
  • An odometer wind back check.

Comprehensive Quality Check[P10]

Toyota's trained mechanics conduct an exhaustive quality Inspection check for each vehicle to determine if it's eligible for resale in accordance with the Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Promise.

At Toyota, only the highest quality vehicles achieve certification. Each Toyota certified used vehicle must meet or exceed an intensive comprehensive quality check [P10] , which includes mechanical, detailing, and appearance standards. Our goal is to ensure that all Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Cars possess new car qualities that should be expected from a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Car. Our Toyota-trained mechanics complete any necessary repairs and reconditioning before we call the vehicle certified

Every Certified Pre-Owned Toyota has an independent CarHistory® Vehicle Background Check completed to ensure its worthy of the certification process. The team at CarHistory® also checks for money owing, written off, stolen, storm or flood damage and tampering of the odometer. That means you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.

Benefits After You Buy

Statutory Warranty is just one of the many benefits associated with buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. Toyota strives to assist all Certified Pre-Owned Car buyers in as many ways as possible.

Statutory Warranty

As proof of how much faith we put in your Certified Pre-Owned Toyota this is what we include in our Statutory Warranty [P8]. All States and Territories legislate a 3-month/5,000 kilometre statutory warranty for some specified preowned vehicles (excluding Tasmania, where 3 months/3,000 kilometre warranty applies). This warranty starts from the day of delivery of the vehicle and will cover most items on a car relating to safety, reliability and roadworthiness. This is on top of whatever warranty may be remaining on your vehicle. Statutory warranty helps protect you against mechanical failures and breakdowns, now that's peace of mind and that's our promise to you.

  • QLD - Car must be under 10 years / 160,000 kms - 3 month / 5,000 km statutory warranty.[C1]

Toyota Roadside Assist

Toyota Roadside Assist is available around the clock and is just a phone call away for Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Cars. We take pride in the reliability and professionalism of Toyota Roadside Assist Services.

We are proud to provide our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle owners with 1 year of Toyota Roadside Assist [P9] which offers protection virtually anywhere, with a national network of Roadside Assistance providers.

No matter how reliable your Certified Toyota is things can still go wrong from time to time. There's always the possibility of getting a flat tyre, your battery running flat or locking your keys in the car. This is why we've included one year's worth of Toyota Roadside Assist for all Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle owners. Roadside Assist is available 24/7 365 days a year and all it takes is a phone call and as you'd expect of Australia's favorite car company, it's one of the most professional, reliable and advanced assistance networks available. Your Toyota Roadside Assist works like this:

  • Coverage begins from the date of Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle delivery.
  • It covers most services including towing, emergency jump starts, tyre changing and help with lost or locked-in keys.
  • Unlimited call outs. It's a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service.


Whether you want to purchase a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle for yourself, or your business, you can get behind the wheel with finance from Toyota Finance[P7]. There is a range of flexible finance options to suit almost every need and circumstance, including a Toyota Access secured car loan that gives you lower monthly repayments[F9] and the certainty of a Guaranteed Future Value[F2] equal to the final repayment on your vehicle. Simply talk with Motorama Toyota, and you can arrange your car finance conveniently at the dealership.

At Toyota we've gone out of our way to make sure that buying a top quality Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle is both an achievable and rewarding process. As a result finance options are available on these vehicles to assist our guests.

Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Service Advantage

If you buy a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota with remaining scheduled logbook services, you may also have access to Capped Price servicing.[T1] This means you'll pay the same low Toyota capped price service from one logbook service to the next. It provides eligible Toyota Service Advantage Pre-Owned Car owners peace of mind from unexpected service costs and is just one of the benefits of purchasing an Eligible Toyota Service Advantage Pre-Owned Car.

Your Toyota Service Advantage works like this:

  • You will pay no more from one logbook service to the next for a minimum of the first three years or 60,000km [B20], whichever comes first.
  • It covers the remaining eligible scheduled logbook services including all items covered in your service schedule such as labour, fluids, and Toyota Genuine Parts with a 12-month warranty[T15].
  • It ensures that only Toyota-trained mechanics work on your car using specialist Toyota diagnostic equipment.